About us

This how we fulfill this mission by creating value for our stakeholders everyday:
To our Customers: Our job is to ensure that HappyLand DC’s Customers are always HAPPY with our product quality, the up-market artistic values of our works and devoted thoughtful services.

To our Members: In HappyLand DC we treat each other with respect, dignity, inspire and create equal opportunity for every member to grow. Together, we create a HAPPY working environment for each and every member who are passionate with his work.

To our Suppliers and Business Partners: We always treat our suppliers and business partners fairly, value their commitment to our works, and ensure that they are HAPPY doing business with us short-term and long-term.

To Relevant Authorities: We operate our business responsibly in the framework of prevailing laws and regulations. Relevant Authorities are always HAPPY with the way we conduct our business responsibly, transparently, and respectfully to the prevailing laws and regulations.

To the Communities: HappyLand DC always tries its best to use environment friendly materials and to protect the environment. HappyLand DC also contributes part of its profits to support education and community health-care services.
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